Quick Overview

This section provides a quick overview to playing the game and the functions of the main program.


A Panzer Campaigns battle is played by two sides, one Allied and one Axis. A battle is played by you against the computer opponent.


Each battle is played on a map made up of hexagons (hexes). Each hex measures 1 kilometer across. Each hex contains terrain that affects movement and combat in that hex.

Time Scale

Each battle is conducted in turns each of which typically represents 2 hours of real time, although this may vary by scenario and time of day. Each player has a number of units under their control, some of which are on the map at the beginning of the battle, while others arrive as Reinforcements.

End of Game

As you finish your turn, you advance the battle to the next turn by using the Next Turn button. This continues until the time limit specified in the scenario at which point the win, lose, or draw outcome of the battle is determined. Winning and losing are determined by a calculation based on the ownership of certain Objective hexes and the relative losses of the two sides.