Deception Units

Deception Units only exist in a few games depending on the historical situation. They represent specialized units trained to operate behind enemy lines and to cause disruption of the movement and activities of the enemy.

Deception Units are identified as such in the Order of Battle. They can be identified in the game by long pressing on the unit picture and seeing the designation DECEPTION.

Deploying Deception Units

Deception Units can be deployed on any turn but only redeployed on the first turn on or immediately after midnight. To deploy a Deception Unit, you determine which Deception Unit you wish to deploy and what location you wish to deploy the unit to. You should click on the location you wish the Deception Unit to be deployed so it becomes the Hot Spot hex. There are two requirements before you can deploy a Deception Unit:

  • The Deception Unit must not have moved or otherwise used Movement Points in the current turn.
  • The distance from the Deception Unit to the location you wish the Deception Unit to be deployed to must be within three times the Deception Range for that side or twice the Deception Range for units being redeployed. The Deception Range value can be found from the Parameter Data Dialog.

Next, you select the Deception option of the Main Menu. This will display the Deception Unit Selection Dialog.

The Deception Dialog displays both Deception Units that are available and those that have been deployed. Units with an ‘X’ before their name have either moved that turn or have been deployed that turn.

Selecting a Deception Unit entry will close the dialog and deploy the unit provided the deployment conditions are met. Once a Deception Unit is deployed, the regular counter is removed from the map and the location of the deployed Deception Unit is marked on the map using a special marker.

Once a Deception Unit is deployed, it may be redeployed on the next opportunity to another hex within the distance of twice the Deception Range.

Deception Unit Effects

Once deployed, Deception Units have two effects on enemy units within the Deception Radius defined for their side. These effects are also caused by Partisan units without requiring deployment or being subject to detection.

  • Enemy units moving in Travel Mode are subject to possible Disruption and loss of remaining Movement Points. The probability of this happening is determined on a hex by hex basis using the Deception Effect probability.
  • Enemy engineer units attempting to blow bridges or otherwise cause damage are subject to possible failure of this action. The probability of this happening is determined by the Deception Damage probability.

Detecting Deception Units

Under Fog-Of-War, the locations of deployed Deception Units are not visible to the other player. However, at the beginning of each turn, deployed enemy Deception Units are vulnerable to detection and removal from the map. The probability of any one deployed Deception Unit being detected in each turn is given by the Deception Detect probability for the side of that unit. For a Deception Unit to be detected, it must be within the Deception Radius of its side of one or more enemy units.

Recalling Deception Units

If a deployed Deception Unit is found to be in the same hex as a friendly regular unit at the beginning of a player turn, then that Deception Unit is automatically recalled and restored to its normal counter status. The player may move the Deception Unit normally at that point and may redeploy the Deception Unit to another location.