The Environment consists of the current Visibility and the current ground Conditions. Each scenario has the values of these plus the possible ranges set in the Header Dialog of the Scenario Editor.


The Visibility is the maximum number of hexes that enemy units can be Spotted. Usually, Visibility ranges from 1 to 5 hexes during daylight turns. During Dusk and Dawn turns, Visibility is half its normal value (fractions rounded down). During Night turns, Visibility is one hex.

The possible range of Visibility in a scenario is determined by data associated with the scenario. At the beginning of each turn, the program determines if there is a change in Visibility. Once Visibility starts to change, it will tend to continue changing for multiple turns within the range determined for that scenario. The Command Dialog in the Main Program will report to each player when the Visibility has changed for that turn.

Ground Conditions

There are five possible ground Conditions: Normal, Soft, Mud, Snow, and Frozen. Normal Conditions represent dry ground and moderate temperatures. Soft Conditions represent wet ground with moderate temperatures. Mud Conditions represent muddy ground with moderate temperatures. Snow Conditions represent snow-covered ground with cold temperatures. And Frozen Conditions represent snow-covered ground with cold temperatures sufficient to freeze streams and rivers.

Associated with each Condition and each movement class, there are movement cost modifiers that apply when a unit of the given class moves under the given Conditions. These modifiers are specified in the Parameter Data and can be viewed using the Parameter Data Dialog. These modifiers are used to adjust the nominal movement cost of the unit with one exception. When a unit moves in Travel Mode along a Primary Road using Road Movement, then the Condition modifier is not applied and normal movement costs as used.

Frozen Terrain

Under Snow conditions, Field, Marsh, and Swamp terrain is considered frozen. Field and Marsh terrain is treated as Clear and Swamp terrain is treated as Forest when frozen. When this occurs, the terrain description is modified by showing the normal terrain in square brackets ([]).


Storms can occur under any conditions. Depending on the conditions, they represent rain storms, snow storms, or even sand storms. When a Storm occurs, it will last the entire day and possibly additional days. During a Storm, the following effects occur:

  • Movement costs are doubled.
  • Visibility is reduced to one hex.
  • All attack and assault values are reduced by 1/2.
  • All air missions are prohibited.
  • Amphibious, airborne, and glider reinforcements are prohibited.

If a Storm is occurring, it will be indicated in the Status Bar following the condition value.

Frozen Penalty

Depending on the game and the scenario, it is possible for one side or the other to be given a Frozen Penalty from 0 to 100%, defined by Parameter Data. When this penalty value is nonzero, then the following effects apply to the specified side during Frozen turns only:

  • The defense value of units in non-Urban (Village, Town, City, and Industrial) hexes is reduced by the Frozen Penalty.
  • The defense value of units in Urban (Village, Town, City, and Industrial) hexes is reduced by half the Frozen Penalty.
  • The attack value and assault value of units is reduced by half the Frozen Penalty.
  • The movement allowance of vehicle units is reduced by twice the Frozen Penalty.