First World War Campaigns

The First World War Campaigns games cover many different operations in World War I. The game scale is 1 km hexes and 2 hour turns while units are normally battalion level.

Serbia '14

In the summer of 1914, the world was shocked as Archduke Ferdinand was assassinated in the streets of Sarajevo. In response, an enraged Austro-Hungarian Empire declared war on the tiny nation of Serbia, which caused a complex web of alliances across Europe to be triggered. With Russia entering the conflict, the Austro-Hungarians drew up hasty plans for an invasion intent on knocking "little Serbia" out of the war quickly so they would be able to transfer forces to counter the Russian advance on the Eastern Front. However, the first invasion of Serbia would fail miserably, followed by a second invasion that ground to a halt, and then a third invasion that, with victory seemingly within grasp, would also end in a humiliating defeat for the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Those three defeats would pave the way for a German intervention which would finally see the total conquest of Serbia a year later. The little known Serbian campaigns would serve as inspiration to the allies as Serbia defied all odds and stood against the might of the Central Powers.

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East Prussia '14

In the middle of August 1914, the world's attention was focused directly on the Western Front where German armies were sweeping into Belgium and France. On the Eastern Front however, the Russians were on the offensive into East Prussia, an important agricultural region of the Prussian homeland, and the gateway to Berlin. The Russians planned a two pronged invasion into East Prussia: one army approaching from the Niemen River to the east and one army approaching from the Narew River to the south, both aimed at outflanking German forces located therein, and the eventual capture of the strategic city of Königsberg. In their way stood a single German army, two resolute commanders, and a well developed rail network. By the time the campaign was over both Russian armies would be almost completely destroyed and thrown out of East Prussia and the campaign itself would go on to become one of the most studied and celebrated victories in warfare.

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France '14

The Great War exploded in the summer of 1914 as Germany marched into Belgium, sweeping aside Allied forces in pursuit of the crushing victory they expected with their finely tuned, but heavily modified, Schlieffen Plan. The German army then pushed on into France and as its columns closed in on Paris, victory seemed a foregone conclusion. However, defying all odds, the weary French and British made an about face and counterattacked along the Marne, defeating the Schlieffen Plan and halting the German advance.

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