Resources & FAQ

A collection of links to downloads, websites and such that could be of interest to John Tiller Software customers. Additionally a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section will be compiled as time progresses to streamline the support process for our customers.


These are options associated with games that are provided as free downloads.

  • Menu Program 1.03 - This menu program should be installed in the same root folder you install your John Tiller Software games to (for example C:\John Tiller Software). It will provide you with an interface for browsing and opening all files and programs associated with your installed games. This menu program will be particularly useful for Windows 10 users since installations under Windows 10 do not include the game folder in the Start menu. It now remains open until closed, so it can be used to access multiple games in a single session. It will also use the system default PDF reader rather than just Acrobat Reader.
  • Menu Program Backgrounds - 10 Background images to choose from for your JTS Menu program installation. See the enclosed Readme file for installation details.


Wargame Design Studio - Home of WDS which spearheads the Panzer Battles, Panzer Campaigns & Civil War Battles development.

Task Force Echp 4 - a plethora of Squad Battles related content.

The Sharp End Gaming - a wargaming blog with JTS content and others.

WDS Youtube Channel - Video tutorials for the CWB series, PzB and more.

Napoleonic PC Wargamers Youtube Channel - Video tutorials for the Napoleonic Battles series.

Armchair Dragoons - Online Wargaming Community.

SmartWargames - Video reviews and tutorials convering many JTS games.

La Abadía del Gamer - Spanish Youtube Channel convering JTS games.

The Mack - Video reviews and tutorials convering many JTS games.


**Note** - We are including these links in the interest of connecting people of similar interest so they may find opponents to play our games against. That in no way represents an "endorsement" of any particular club or condones anything which takes place within the club. Everyone must decide for themselves where they find opponents. With that said - our games SHINE when played by email. I (Rich) can't tell you how many hours of enjoyment I have had conducting PBEM games against guys all over the explore, and, enjoy...

JTS Wargaming Opponent Group - Facebook group, covers all the different JTS series of games.

JTS Wargaming Opponent Group - MeWe group, covers all the different JTS series of games.

The Blitz Wargaming Club - covers all the different JTS series of games.

American Civil War Gaming Club - ACWGC - focuses on the Civil War Battles series of games.

Napoleonic Wargaming Club - NWC - focuses on the Napoleonic Battles series of games.

The Colonial Campaigns Club - CCC - focuses on the EAW series of games.

The Wargaming Society - covers all the different JTS series of games.

The Wargaming Club - TWC - covers all the different JTS series of games.

Wargamers Club for Gentlemen - WGCG - Supports all JTS games with a league and tournaments.

Punta de Lanza - Supports all JTS games for the Spanish speaking community.

Reddit group - Discussion group on Reddit focused on the JTS Games.



Q: I'm an old HPS customer, how can I get a serial number to run the latest updates on your site?
A: Contact our Support department before June 30th, 2020 by using this form. We are now migrating all games previously published with HPS and will issue you a new digital installer and serial number once we have validated your purchase.

Q: Do I have to contact you each time I want to install my game on a new computer?
A: No. When you make your original purchase you should choose to save the installer file to your local hard drive. Once the download is complete you can install the game from that file. When done we suggest you make a backup copy of the installer file to a DVD-R or some other external medium for future use. Also, you can create a text file on that same medium to list your serial number(s).

Q: So I made my backup copy, but lost it and now my computer crashed - do I have to buy the game again?
A: Absolutely not. Contact our support department and we can resend your original order email with serial number and re-activated download link. As of 6/21/21, once you have done this process once you will be able to access your download links and serial numbers in your Store account going forward.

Q: I have a new computer. When I installed my game and entered my serial number I get a "2" and it fails to activate, can you help?
A: Yes, this is an error caused by a serial number issued from our orginal Store (in 2011-2012). Simply grab the update(s) off our site, apply them then re-launch & re-activate your game. You'll be all set.

Q: I'm running Windows 10 and when I install multiple games the shortcuts in the start menu are all messed up. Can you help?
A: Yes! Download and install the Menu Program linked above in the "Downloads" section. Ensure you install it in the root of your game directory, which by default is C:\John Tiller Software. It will then allow you to access all your games, editors & PDF documentation from a single interface.

Q: I can't access the documentation for my game, what am I missing?
A: All current documentation is in PDF format. You need to ensure you have the free Adobe Reader installed on your system and set as the default PDF reader. To grab the latest version go here.

Q: I have an old copy of my game on cd, will it run on newer versions of Windows?
A: You should be using a digital version of the installer to install your games. All CD versions are now obsolete. Contact our support department with any specific issues.

Q: We want to play over the internet with a direct connection, but are having trouble doing so. What specifics can you share?
A: There are a variety of challenges when trying to make a direct connection accross the web, the biggest being firewalls (security software). We can't give you specifics on each particular firewall, as there are tons of them, however we can point out that you need to have the following ports open for UDP/TCP traffic:

47624 to 47624
2300 to 2400
6073 to 6073

If you do this you should be able to connect to your opponents computer and conduct a real-time game. People have done it successfully in 2020.

Q: I've downloaded the 3D maps for my game, but I'm not sure where to place them?
A: For the 3D add-on maps for the Early American Wars, Civil War Battles and Napoleonic Battles games the files need to go into a new sub-folder inside the main game folder. This folder should be named \Maps (note the s on the end, which is different from the \Map folder already in place). If you unzip the package to your main game directory and use the "Use Folder Names" option this sub-folder will be created for you. Otherwise you'll need to manually create it and put the .bmp files into it.