The Fighting in the First World War had been going on for two years. Despite the fact that enormous ground combat had occurred during that time, the powerful naval forces of the world had not clashed in full force. But in May of 1916, that was about to change. The huge dreadnoughts of the English and German fleets departed from their ports to seek each other in the North Sea west of the area of Danish Jutland. In those misty waters, filled with uncertainty, the outcome of the First World War hung in the balance. Will the German fleet crush the English and obtain a German victory at sea or will the stronger English fleet prevail?

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26 scenarios are included:
  • 11 scenarios dealing with the historical Jutland battle (31 May 1916) covering multiple situations from first contact to the final shots, a single scenario covering the entire battle with all ships, and a second campaign scenario with all ships but using hypothetical initial positions.
  • 3 scenarios covering the battles of Heligoland (28 Aug 1914) and Dogger Bank (24 Jan 1915).
  • 1 scenario of the encounter with the Goeben (08 Aug 1914).
  • 2 scenarios covering an encounter in the English Channel between a British patrol and German surface and submarine forces (18 Aug 1914).
  • 1 scenario of an attack by the German submarine E-9 (20 Sep 1914).
  • 3 scenarios covering the Battle of Coronel (01 Nov 1914).
  • 3 scenarios covering the Battle of the Falklands (08 Dec 1914).
  • 2 scenarios covering the Cuxhaven Raid (25 Dec 1914).

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  • Jutland uses a real-time game engine that can be run from 1x to 10x real-time
  • Players can play each scenario against the computer A/I or using network play.
  • In network mode, players can play against other opponents in two teams (one British, one German) with assigned assets for each player and mutual Fog-of-War.
  • A Scenario Editor and Order of Battle Editor are included so that players can design their own scenarios of historical or hypothetical situations.
  • The database includes both surface ships as well as submarines, airplanes, and blimps.
  • Shore terrain is included for Coronel, Falklands, and Cuxhaven (with Heligoland).


This release of Jutland is version 1.07 and includes all changes from the original release through update 1.07. See the Changes File Preview below for more detail. Note: this version of Jutland is fully compatible with version 1.07 released by HPS Simulations. Scenarios and battle files for the two versions are compatible for all purposes including Internet play.

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File Previews

Here are some files from the game:


  • Scenario Design: John Tiller and Mike Cox
  • Artist: Joseph Amoral
  • Additional Graphics: Julia Tiller
  • Music: Thomas Hook
  • Additional A/I Programming: Dr. John Rushing and Dr. Cara Gall, University of Alabama-Huntsville
  • Playtesters: Robert Mayer, Mark Adams, Greg Smith, and Kevin Campbell
  • Special thanks for Martin Campion for the copy of Avalon Hill's Jutland game.

System Requirements

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, or 10
Processor: 1 GHz
Disk Space: 1 GB
Memory: 1 GB

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