Guadalcanal Naval Battles

During the 1942-43 campaign for the southern Solomon Island of Guadalcanal, many naval battles were fought to cement the material advantage gained by the Allies after the stunning Japanese losses at the Battle of Midway. Guadalcanal Naval Battles includes these scenarios such as Savo Island--a costly Allied setback, Cape Esperance--where the Japanese were struck back hard, Tassafaronga, Cape St. George, Kolombangara, and others. The full range of surface naval warfare in the Pacific during World War II is addressed allowing you the chance to see how you might perform as either Japanese or American commander.

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  • 39 scenarios including 17 covering the naval battles of the Guadalcanal campaign.
  • Guadalcanal scenarios include Savo Island, Cape Esperance, and Kolombangara.
  • Also included are the Pacific battles of Java Sea, Surigao Strait, Samar, Kula Gulf, Vella Lavella, and others. There is even a PT-109 scenario that allows you to participate in the famous encounter with the Japanese destroyer Hagikaze.

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  • Guadalcanal uses a real-time game engine that can be run from 1x to 10x real-time
  • Players can play each scenario against the computer A/I or using network play.
  • A Scenario Editor and Order of Battle Editor are included so that players can design their own scenarios of historical or hypothetical situations.
  • The database includes 633 American and Japanese ships and boats of World War II in the Pacific from battleships to sub chasers as well as some Dutch and British.

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  • Research and Scenario Design: John Tiller and Mike Cox
  • Overview Document: Robert Mayer
  • Playtesters: Lee Elmendorf, Mark Adams, Kevin Campbell, Robert Mayer, Greg Smith.

System Requirements

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, or 10
Processor: 1 GHz
Disk Space: 2 GB
Memory: 1 GB

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