Republican Bayonets on the Rhine


On 17 June 1789, the Third Estate of the "Estates-General" of France declared themselves redefined as the "National Assembly" beginning one of the greatest events in history known as "The French Revolution." By 1792, the Bastille had fallen, the government had deposed the king, Louis XVI, and had executed much of the nobility. Reaction to the executions, and the declaration of war by the new French government, lead to the War of the First Coalition.

Republican Bayonets on the Rhine, the twelfth installment in the Napoleonic Battles series, recreates those battles from 1792-1800 which were fought in France, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland and Germany from Valmy until Hohenlinden, when the War of the Second Coalition came to an end. The units represented in the game vary from French National Guard, Austrian Freikorps, colorful hussars of all armies, Dutch Republic guard infantry or the French royalist forces led by Louis Joseph de Bourbon, Prince de Condé, brother of King Louis XVI.

Command the French "Armée du Nord" and "Armee de Centre" at Valmy or as the Allies the Prussian and Austrian forces of the Duke of Brunswick. At Fleurus, lead your Allied legions to victory and retake Charleroi or as Jourdan, commander of the French forces, deal the Allies a defeat at the hands of your French legions. Twenty-seven historical battles await your pleasure including Fleurus, the battle which saw the first use of a balloon for military service or Würzburg, where the Archduke Charles defeated Jourdan's French army during the 1796 Rhine Campaign, Kaiserlautern, where the Duke of Brunswick would defeat a French army near Mannheim, Germany, to Second Zürich, where Masséna would defeat the Russians under the command of Rimsky-Korsakov and put an end to the 1799 Rhine Campaign. Republican Bayonets on the Rhine has this and so much more!

You can read more about the game in the Scenario Designer Notes.

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  • Twenty-eight battles and over 200 scenarios, to include the battles of Valmy, Fleurus, Jemappes, Wurzburg, First and Second Zürich and Hohenlinden. See the Scenario and Campaign List
  • Tutorial scenario that helps the players learn the game system.
  • A wide range of scenarios which allow the players to command an entire army or just a few brigades.
  • A select group of campaign scenarios available for play as stand alone battles.
  • Bonus battles some of which feature Napoleon Bonaparte fighting against some of the greatest Allied generals at places like Fleurus or Zurich.


  • The Battles of the War of the First Coalition - seven historical battles of the 1792-94 campaigns
  • The 1796 Rhine Campaign - The Archduke Charles greatest triumph
  • The 1799 Rhine Campaign - Massena overcomes initial French defeats to lead his army to glory
  • The 1800 Rhine Campaign - Moreau leads the Fernch army against Kray and the Austrian army

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  • Turn scale is either 10 or 15 minutes.
  • A Design folder includes files and information that will aid the players in learning how to build their own scenarios
  • A Terrain Effects Chart is included that helps the players determine the effects of terrain and the movement allowance of their units
  • A Weapons Chart is included that allows the players to determine the range and effects of all weapons in the game.
  • Over 60 maps (to include sub maps) are included covering the famous battles of Tournay, Neresheim, Bergen and many others.
  • Scenario and Campaign Editors.

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  • New 2D Magnified view
  • Night turn length extended to 4 hours (240 minutes)
  • Maxium visibility range can be extended up to 180 hexes for military balloon reconaissance turns or other similar events

Bonus Documents

  • The Armies of Republican Bayonets on the Rhine - pictoral display of the uniforms and soldiers of the various nations and minor allies which fought during the French Revolutionary Wars
  • The Battles of Republican Bayonets on the Rhine - a listing of each historical battle in the game to include a jump map image, strength comparison and historical briefing
  • Parameter Data File Guide - breaks down each line in the PDT files and is for the customer in designing their own battles
  • Situation Maps - helps the players understand the history of the campaigns and acquaints them with the locations where the battles were fought
  • Order of Battle Guide - gives a detailed explanation of the units in the order of battle files
  • Order of Battle Reports - many of the OB file have a corresponding OB Report showing in detail the organization of the armies
  • Republican Bayonets on the Rhine Artwork - lists all of the units in the game and their location in the graphics files
  • Leaderlist for Republican Bayonets on the Rhine - lists all of the leaders in the game and their location in the leaders graphics file
  • Turn Track - useful for the long battle and campaign scenarios
  • Special Rules - used in the certain scenarios where certain restrictions need to be applied for more historically accurate game play
  • The Austrian Cavalry Regiments of 1796-1800 - a chart showing the regimental assignments of the Austrian cavalry during the period of the game
  • NEW: Unit Listings for Republican Bayonets on the Rhine - lists every unit's order of battle line entry for review by the players or in building new OB files for custom scenarios

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  • Project Coordinator: Bill Peters
  • Scenario Designers: Bill Peters and Warren Bajan (Würzburg)
  • Graphics Team: Mark Adams and Joe Amoral
  • Historical Consultants: Warren Bajan, Mark van Hattem, Nicolas Lacroux, Paul Synnott and Mike Verity
  • Scenario Maps: Bill Peters, Atle Jenssen (Hohenlinden) and Mark van Hattem (Noord-Holland update)
  • Situation Maps: Bill Peters and Joe Amoral
  • Playtesters: Andrew Moss, Ed Blackburn, Bill Cann, Art Hall, Jim Hall, Jeff Kulp, Bob McRae, Mark Nelms, Francisco "Paco" Palomo, Jim Pfluecke, Marco Rietveld, and Mark van Hattem
  • Special thanks to Dominik Derwinski for the Order of Battle Editor used in generating the OB Reports

System Requirements

Windows Vista, 7, 8, or 10
Processor: 1 GHz
Disk Space: 1 GB
Memory: 1 GB
Video Memory: 512 MB

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