Campaign 1814


After the decisive Battle of Leipzig the French retreated to the Rhine and beyond into France. Following them were the victorious forces of the Sixth Coalition. Napoleon positioned his forces on the Rhine, in Holland and in Belgium and then left for Paris to build new field commands. Eugene was in northern Italy facing an Austrian army under Bellegarde. And of course the war in Spain was winding down.

The Allies did not wait for Napoleon to bring up his new army and began to cross the Rhine at several points. The understrength French corps were no match for the Allied juggernaut and retired by stages closer to the west. By the end of January the Allies had advanced to within one hundred miles of Paris!

What followed from that point, until the end of the campaign, was one of Napoleon's most remarkable campaigns. Fielding an army one third the size of the Allied forces he won one stunning victory after another. Unfortunately he was never able to achieve a decisive victory. The Allied armies gradually ground down the outnumbered French forces and after the Battle of Paris he was forced to abdicate.

As either Napoleon, Emperor of the French and King of Italy, or as Schwarzenberg and Blücher, field commanders of the Allied legions, you can relive those exciting days! With over four hundred scenarios, and more than ten campaigns, all of the major actions of the 1814 Campaign in northwest France are covered in detail. Units such as the Gendarmes d'Espanol and the Baden Guard Grenadiers have been added to the 1813-14 inventory for the players to command.

Come experience the drama of the campaign as your men shiver in the cold waiting for your next command. Will you, as Napoleon, keep your throne, or will you as the Allied commanders, march victoriously into Paris? The choice is yours as you ride off into destiny!

You can read more about the game, including a general overview of the battles, from the Scenario Designer Notes.


  • Over four hundred scenarios to include the battles of La Rothière, Montmirail, Vauchamps, Arcis-sur-Aube and Paris. Get the scenario list here.
  • Over ten campaigns cover the 1814 campaign in sections or in its entirety. Get the campaign list here.
  • A tutorial scenario that will help the players learn the game system.
  • Scenarios spanning from 12 to over 300 turns in length, including company level scenarios provided for those that enjoy small scale actions.

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  • Napoleon's First Lunge South - includes the battles of La Rothière and Brienne.
  • Napoleon's First Lunge North - includes the battles of Champaubert, Montmirail, Château Theirry and Vauchamps.
  • Napoleon's Second Lunge South - includes the battles of Mormant and Montereau.
  • The Tiger of France - this campaign is a combination of the previous three campaigns.
  • Napoleon's Second Lunge North - includes the battles of Craonne and Laon.
  • Napoleon's Last Gamble - includes the battles of Arcis-sur-Aube, Fère-Champenoise, St. Dizier and Paris.
  • The Last Dance - this campaign is a combination of the previous two campaigns.
  • La Patrie en Danger - this is the entire campaign from late January to the gates of Paris on March 30th.

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  • A Scenario Editor that allows the players to build their own scenarios.
  • A Campaign Editor that allows the players to build their own campaigns.
  • A Design folder includes files and information that will aid the players in learning how to building their own scenarios.
  • A Terrain Effects Chart is included that helps the players determine the effects of terrain and the movement allowance of their units.
  • A Weapons Chart is included that allows the players to determine the range and effects of all weapons in the game.
  • Over 20 maps (plus another 40+ sub maps), including Paris and a mammoth map covering the eastern half of the Brie Plateau.


  • The new Reinforcement Variable Arrival Hex feature allows the designer to add in multiple arrival locations and variable percentage values for arrival times for reinforcement groups.
  • All of the features from Campaign Leipzig are included.

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Bonus Documents/Aids

  • The Armies of 1813-14 - pictorial display of the uniforms and soldiers with a short description for each branch of service. Click here for sample.
  • Order of Battle File Guide - gives detailed information on how the order of battle files are structured.
  • Turn Tracks - helps players know when reinforcement groups will arrive during the game.
  • Terrain Effects Chart - shows the movement rates for the troop types as well as the costs associated with each type for each terrain type in the game.
  • Weapons Effect Chart - shows each weapon's effectiveness by range (or for instance if a particular weapon is unable to fire).
  • Wurttemberg Army of 1813-14 - shows the uniform changes that the infantry and cavalry underwent during the campaign.
  • Victory Point Calculator - a set of tables the helps the players know how many victory points each troop type is worth.

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  • Project Coordinator: Bill Peters
  • Campaign Maps: Mike Avanzini
  • Scenario Design: Bill Peters, Warren Bajan and Richard White
  • Graphics Team: Mark Adams (Coordinator) and Joe "Amazing" Amoral
  • Historical Consultants: Warren Bajan, David Guegan and Enrico Acerbi
  • Maps: Bill Peters, Rich White, David Guegan
  • Playtesters: Warren Bajan, Ed Blackburn, Bill Cann, Doug Fuller, Art Hall, Mark Jones, Andrew Moss, Mark Nelms, Francisco "Paco" Palomo, Bill Peterson, Jim Pfluecke, Marco Rietveld, Bill Reaves, Christophe Sarazin, Rich White

System Requirements

Windows Vista, 7, 8, or 10
Processor: 1 GHz
Disk Space: 1 GB
Memory: 1 GB
Video Memory: 512 MB

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