Campaign Shenandoah


The Shenandoah Valley, a place of beauty and natural wonder. But during the Civil War years, a place of great military value and strategic importance. For the South, the valley became known as “the breadbasket of the Confederacy.” For the Union, it was a backdoor into the heart of an enemy. Now is your chance to step back in time and take up the call for battle. A time when “Stonewall” Jackson became a name to be feared, and where the Union capital was nearly captured, along with President Lincoln and his hopes to reunite a nation torn apart by civil war. Campaign Shenandoah provides the perfect opportunity to refight the great Valley battles of 1862 and 1864; Battles that decided the fate of this hallowed ground. Some have names that you may be familiar with; the battles for Winchester, and Kernstown, and the Battle of Cedar Creek. Others are smaller, but no less important; Cross keys, Cool Springs, and Fort Stevens. You need only pick a side, select your game options, and fire your first shots that may change history, or confirm it.

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  • 174 scenarios are included, and all can be played as either side, against the A/I or other human challengers.
  • Each major battle has three versions, 1) the standard, for playing head to head, especially PBEM and Hotseat. 2) Weather, for playing when Mother Nature is unpredictable, and 3) A/I, for playing against the computer. NOTE; all scenarios can be played against the A/I, but these scenarios are designed specifically for, and will provide a greater challenge for those familiar with this game system.
  • Most scenarios can be played against the A/I in a single day, yet others may take several days to complete, or even weeks. Just save, and continue later at your own pace.
  • For more fun, challenge another human, and play either face to face, or PBEM (Play by email)
  • Battles include: Kernstown, McDowell, Winchester, Cross Keys, Port Republic, New Market, Piedmont, Lynchburg, Monocacy, the siege of Fort Stevens, Cool Springs, Berryville, and the climactic battle of Cedar Creek.
  • 4 campaigns are included. Each can be played with or without the added hardships of weather. Weather can be anything from a mild mist and fog, to muddy roads and torrential thunderstorms.

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Features and Enhancements

  • A total graphics package:
    • 3D hand drawn maps, 3D units, with individualized regimental flags.
    • Colorized leaders and unit files.
    • Traditional B/W unit, and leaders are also an option.
    • Improved 2D road graphics.
  • Scenario and Campaign editor: Build new, or improve existing battles and campaigns.
  • Many “What If” battles and maps, both large and small. Including the massive Shenandoah Master map.
  • Extreme Fog of War optional rule.
  • Objective hexes are now awarded points for each side. The number of points that can be earned are determined by length of time controlled, and its strategic importance for each combatant. Therefore, earned points are not equally distributed.
  • A true, large (4X) 2D map view.

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  • Scenario Design: Richard Walker
  • 3D Maps and Unit Graphics: Frank Mullins and the "Old Banshee" team
  • Getting Started and Designer Notes: Richard Walker
  • Master Map: Doug Strickler & Richard Walker
  • Campaign feature Situation Maps: Richard Walker
  • Playtesters: Ernie Sands, Ken Miller, David Michas, Atle Jenssen, Rich Hamilton, Michael Hicks, Mark Nelms, Brett Kolcun, Emmette Bird, and Kerry Vannada
  • Special assistance given by: John Ferry & Joe Amoral

Windows Vista, 7, 8, or 10
Processor: 1 GHz
Disk Space: 3 GB
Memory: 1 GB
Video Memory: 512 MB

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