Campaign Atlanta


At the beginning of 1864, the Union was poised to begin its final drive into the deep South. The plan was simple, Union General William T. Sherman and his three separate armies with over 110,000 men, would advance south, seek and destroy the Confederate Army of Tennessee and capture Atlanta. However, a determined General Joseph E. Johnston was ordered to stop this invasion. Johnston's plan was also simple, fortify and defend each mile of southern territory, inflict greater losses on the enemy and force them into a costly mistake. Cleverly using the difficult terrain of northern Georgia, the plan nearly worked.Now you can re-fight the entire 120 mile march to Atlanta. Stop and face the invaders at places like, Rocky Face Ridge, Resaca, Kennesaw Mountain, and even Atlanta itself. Your choices will decided the fate of the Confederacy. Fight well and bring victory to your chosen side.

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  • 134 stand alone scenarios and 96 campaign scenarios.
  • 5 different campaigns for a varied campaign experience.
  • Historic battles include: Rocky Face Ridge, Resaca, Cassville, New Hope Church, Pickett's Mill, Dallas, Kolb's Farm, Kennesaw, Smyrna, Peachtree Creek, Ezra Church, Sunshine Church, Utoy Creek, Jonesboro, Allatoona, and Atlanta.
  • "What if" battles include: Chattahoochie River Line, Siege of Atlanta, Sherman's advance, meeting engagements, and many variants of both historical and "what if" scenarios.
  • The largest map yet featured in the ACW series. Over 100 miles in continuous length, equal to over 1,300 hexes north to south. More than 500,000 hexes in total.

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  • Turn-based game engine with 20 minute turns and 125 yard hexes.
  • Graphics include both top-down 2D graphics as well as isometric 3D graphics.
  • Individual battles as well as campaign games which allow the player to fight a series of battles while making decisions on the course of the campaign.
  • A Scenario Editor that allows the players to build their own scenarios.
  • A Campaign Editor that allows the players to build their own campaigns.

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  • Scenario Design: Rich Walker
  • Additional Research: Jim Dunnam
  • Playtesters: Jim Brammer, Rich Hamilton, Aleksander Krolikowski, Tony Malone, Sam Orlando, Ernie Sands, Brett Schulte, Rich White

Windows Vista, 7, 8, or 10
Processor: 1 GHz
Disk Space: 1 GB
Memory: 1 GB

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