All updates to games published by John Tiller Software include all game and documentation changes in a single update. Each update is a self-extracting executable which you should run after downloading. You will be prompted for the folder you installed the original game in.

Updates are inclusive so that you only have to install the latest update to ensure that your copy of the game is up to the most recent version. If your copy of the game was at the most recent version when you purchased it, then you don't have to install the corresponding update, you already have the latest files. You can check to see what version of the game you are running by selecting the About option under the Help Menu.

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Panzer Campaigns

Squad Battles

Hot Fixes

These are individual file updates that address specific issues with certain files in the games. These updates are provided to fix problems until a full game update can be released. You only need to get these updates if you have a specific problem with the version of the file in your game. After downloading the link, unzip the file(s) into your game folder. Contact Support if you have any questions about whether to apply one of these fixes.

  • mcsub.exe - This fixes a problem with the graphics in the Modern Campaigns submap editor.
  • sqdata.exe - This is the Squad Battles Database Editor that is missing from some of the Squad Battle games.
  • Moscow42.exe - This fixes a problem with fatigue averaging in Panzer Campaigns: Moscow '42.
  • Kronprinz Rupprect.zip - Missing picture for First World War Campaigns: France '14.

Other Downloads

These are options associated with games that are provided as free downloads.

  • Menu Program 1.02 - This menu program should be installed in the same root folder you install your John Tiller Software games to (for example C:\John Tiller Software). It will provide you with an interface for browsing and opening all files and programs associated with your installed games. This menu program will be particularly useful for Windows 10 users since installations under Windows 10 do not include the game folder in the Start menu.
  • Menu Program Backgrounds - 10 Background images to choose from for your JTS Menu program installation. See the enclosed Readme file for installation details.
  • Campaign Antietam 3D Maps - Drawn by Frank Mullins (Old Banshee). Unzip this download into your Campaign Antietam game folder. Depending on the scenario, these images will show up automatically in 3D views in the game when they correspond to the scenario map file. NOTE: There is an alignment issue when using these that is fixed in the Campaign Antietam JTS version 2.01.
  • Campaign Antietam 3D Maps - Update 1 - A new set of 3 large 3D maps for Campaign Antietam by Frank Mullins (Antietam, Bull Run_sub, and 2nd Bull Run_sub). NOTE: This set of maps is almost 1 Gigabyte in size! Be sure you have the connection speed, time, and space to download a file this big before starting.
  • Waterloo Expansion Pack - Includes new versions of the standard 3 OOB's with the addition of Davout's French Reserve, Paget's British Corps, Lord Beresford's Portuguese, and the Prussian Nord Deutsche Korps. It also includes 11 new standard scenarios using those OOB's. The expansion pack also contains 83 scenarios, 4 new maps, and modified OOB's which allow players to use company-level units instead of the default battalion/regiment. By Rich White, Claes Melbro, and Rich Hamilton.