Over the years, John Tiller Software has had multiple publishers for the commercial games developed.

Matrix Games

The early Talonsoft Battleground and Campaign Series wargames have been republished by Matrix Games who provides support for those wargames.

HPS Simulations

For John Tiller Software wargames published by HPS Simulations, use the support form below.

Note: Updates for JTS games will no longer be released through the HPS website as of 1/1/16. As updates for the older games are released through this site you may request a free serial number to use the update. Proof of purchase is required and can either be through us searching the database for the original sales or through a picture of the original cd(s). To begin that process also use the form below. Serial numbers will only be issued for a series of games once updates have begun to be released on our site, here.

**Note: Serial numbers will only be issued for original HPS cd's. There are pirated versions out there and we do not honor those. Be careful where you make your purchases.**

John Tiller Software Support

Finally, you can reach John Tiller Software Support for any other questions using the form below.

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