Pacific War

The scope of the fighting in the Pacific during World War II was gigantic. From the Japanese to the Americans, Russians, Chinese, British, Australians, and others, the fighting included countries from across the world and ranged from thick jungles to remote islands and terrain of all types. Picking up where the game Proud And Few left off, Squad Battles: Pacific War includes additional nations, weapons, and vehicles and a wide range of scenarios covering many of the battles and campaigns of the Pacific. From Nomonhan in Russia to the jungles of Bruma, Pacific War enables you to replay the history of World War II in the Pacific.

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  • 60 scenarios covering the entire Pacific Theater in World War II involving a host of new nationalities.
  • Forces from the Chinese (both Nationalist and Communist), Dutch, Soviet, Australian, British, and US Armies are pitted against the Japanese.
  • 3 campaigns allow you to play the role of a commander during the war in the Pacific as either Australian, American, or Japanese.

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  • Players control squads or fire teams of men, individual leaders and individual vehicles in a variety of conditions.
  • Based on a tried and true turn-based platform using 40 meter hexes and an intuitive interface allowing players to use a combination of mouse clicks, menu commands and hot keys to control their units.
  • Supports play against the computer AI as well as two-player Play-By-E-Mail.

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  • Game Coordinator: Wild Bill Wilder
  • Scenario Maps: Dave "Blackie" Blackburn and Wild Bill Wilder
  • Orders of Battle: Wyatt Kappely, Neil Stalker, John Tiller, Wild Bill Wilder
  • Scenario Testing Coordinator: Frank Harmon
  • Scenario Designers: Frank "Echo 4" Harmon, Neil "Dingo" Stalker, Louie "Gung Ho" Marsh, Lee "Banzai" Hook, Wild Bill Wilder
  • Playtesters: Federico Doveri, Massimo Rocca, Louie Marsh, Neil Stalker, Frank Harmon, Lee Hook, Wyatt "Dogovitch" Kappely, Wild Bill Wilder

System Requirements

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, or 10
Processor: 1 GHz
Disk Space: 1 GB
Memory: 1 GB

Pacific War is available for sale at the John Tiller Software Store.