Advance of the Reich

When the German Army invaded Russia in June of 1941, they expected a quick campaign, one that would lead them to victory. Instead, they found that they had started a long and bloody fight that would reach its zenith in the destroyed streets of Stalingrad at the end of 1942. Those first two years of the campaign in Russia would result in the furthest advance of the German Army, a point to which they would never return. From the initial invasion to defeat at Stalingrad, this period would be the Advance of the Reich.

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  • 33 individual scenarios covering the fighting from June 1941 until December 1942.
  • Includes German, German SS, Russian, Russian Guards, Italian, Rumanian, Militia, and Russian Naval soldiers.
  • Includes a complete map of Stalingrad from the Grain Elevator to the Tractor Factory measuring 494 by 114 hexes.
  • 15 Stalingrad scenarios included with the game.

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  • Players control squads or fire teams of men, individual leaders and individual vehicles in a variety of conditions.
  • Based on a tried and true turn-based platform using 40 meter hexes and an intuitive interface allowing players to use a combination of mouse clicks, menu commands and hot keys to control their units.
  • Views are in two levels of 2D and two levels of 3D.
  • Supports play against the computer AI as well as two-player Play-By-E-Mail.

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File Previews

Here are some files from the game (PDF Files):


  • Scenario Design: John Tiller
  • Additional Scenario Design and Research: Charlie Kibler
  • Playtesters: Greg Smith, Mike Mundell, and Tom Wilson

System Requirements

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, or 10
Processor: 1 GHz
Disk Space: 1 GB
Memory: 1 GB

Advance of the Reich is available for sale at the John Tiller Software Store.