Typically, each unit is a battalion, company, or platoon of Infantry, Artillery, or Tanks. Each Infantry unit has a strength value in increments of single men, each Artillery unit has a strength value in number of guns, and each Tank unit has a strength value in number of vehicles. In addition there are specialized units such as Headquarters, Air Units, and Ships. Infantry, Artillery, and Tank units are capable of firing on enemy units (for towed Artillery, only when unlimbered) and each has a range value indicating the number of hexes that unit may fire.

Unit Information

When you tap on a hex, the units in the hex are shown in the Hex Info Area beside the map. This display shows information about the units such as strength and fatigue. In addition, special conditions associated with the unit such as Disruption are shown in this display.

Holding down your finger in this area will display other information about the unit such as range. This area also is used to display the organizational hierarchy of the unit including its parent organization and so forth.

When Fog-of-War (FOW) is in effect, then you will not see complete information on enemy units. In particular, exact strength information is not shown. Approximate strength will be shown using the following notation:

  • X means a strength from 1 to 9.
  • XX means a strength from 10 to 99.
  • XXX means a strength from 100 to 999.


Within each hex, stacking is measured in terms of total number of men, or equivalent. For stacking purposes, each vehicle or gun is considered to be the same as 10 men. The total stacking value in the current hex can be found in the center of the Terrain Info box by holding down your finger in the Hex Info Area. Two stacking limits apply in the game. Both of these values can be found in the display of Parameter Data. The Maximum Stacking Limit is the total number of men or equivalent that can be in the hex at any one time, not counting units in Rail Mode (see Movement). The Road Stacking Limit is the maximum number of men or equivalent that can travel via Road Movement through a hex. It is also the maximum number of men or equivalent that can travel via Rail Mode through a hex. As a special case, only 4 ships can stack in the same hex.

Selecting Units

Most actions require that units first be selected. Tapping on a hex on the map with the your finger causes that hex to become the current Hot Spot. The units in the current Hot Spot are displayed in the Hex Info area and the entire stack is selected. Individusl units may be selected or deselected by tapping on their picture in the Hex Info Area.

Moving and Other Actions

During each turn, a player may move, fire, and assault using units under their control. Each action that the unit performs costs that unit some Movement Points. Units can be moved in any order you wish and you need not expend all movement points. To move, fire, or expend any movement points, a unit must first be selected.

Once selected, units may be moved by the following:

  • Hold your finger down in the hex until a large circle appears.
  • Drag your finger to the location you want to move the units and release.

Limited by the movement allowance of the units and the movement rules, the selected units will move to that location.

To fire the selected units at a target, do the following:

  • Hold your finger down in the hex with the units until a large circle appears.
  • Release your finger which toggles Fire Mode.
  • While in Fire Mode, tap the location of the target hex.

Subject to the firing rules, this will cause the selected units to fire on the target hex.


The six hexagons immediately surrounding an occupied hex make up that unit’s Zone of Control (ZOC). Zones of Control affect the movement and supply of the other side. When a unit enters an enemy Zone of Control it may be fired upon. The cost to move from a hex that is an enemy Zone Of Control to another hex that is also an enemy Zone Of Control will be greater than normal and could be prohibited if the Optional Rule, Locking Zones-of-Control is in use. Refer to the Main Program Help File.

There are a few units which do not exert a Zone-of-Control:

  • HQ units do not exert a Zone-of-Control.
  • Supply units do not exert a Zone-of-Control.
  • Broken units do not exert a Zone-of-Control.
  • Towed Anti-Tank units do not exert a Zone-of-Control.
  • Towed Heavy AA units do not exert a Zone-of-Control.
  • Units which have a Facing do not exert a Zone-of-Control in the hexes they are not facing.
  • Partisan units do not exert a Zone-of-Control.

Commando and Partisan units have the ability to move from one enemy ZOC to another.


In a scenario, additional units can be scheduled to arrive on a particular game turn. They can even arrive on the first game turn, as some scenarios start with no units from one side on the map at the start. The arrival of reinforcements is announced in the Command Dialog at the start of the turn. To bring these units into play, use the Arrived Units Button on the Toolbar.

If you have reinforcements that have not been placed on the map when you advance the turn, then the Arrived Dialog is automatically displayed for you.

Reinforcements usually arrive on a map edge hex, but this is not always the case. Ships at sea may "appear at Dawn" and Airborne units will just "drop in" and appear. In all cases, you cannot alter where the unit will arrive, and in fact airborne reinforcements will often scatter and arrive in different hexes each time you play a scenario. Once dropped, airborne units fight as normal ground troops and have no further special benefit or movement capabilities.

Depending on the scenario, the arrival of reinforcements may be affected by a "Protection Value" defined in the reinforcement data. The purpose of this Protection Value is to prevent crowding of the arrival hex by enemy units. Typically this is used to protect reinforcements arriving by road on the map edge, but not amphibious or airborne reinforcements. When the Protection Value is in effect, then any enemy units within that distance of the arrival hex are Broken and any enemy units on the arrival hex are eliminated.