Morale is used to determine effects like Disruption and Broken. Quality is the basis for Morale. Each unit has a Quality rating from A (best) to F (worst). A descriptive way of referring to units by their Quality rating is to say that:

  • A units are the Elite units
  • B units are the Superior units
  • C units are the Average units
  • D units are the Below Average units
  • E units are the Inferior units
  • F units are the Abysmal units.

When a calculation requires a numeric value, these letters are mapped to numbers according to A=6, …, F=1. Quality has effects on the Morale of the unit and on its performance in combat or, for HQ’s, on its command abilities.

Morale Calculation

The nominal Morale of a unit will be the same as its Quality. The following modifiers apply to the Morale value:

  • Units with Medium Fatigue have 1 subtracted from their Morale.
  • Units with High Fatigue have 2 subtracted from their Morale.
  • Units with Maximum Fatigue have 4 subtracted from their Morale.
  • Units Low on Ammo or Fuel have 1 subtracted from their Morale.
  • Units that are Disrupted or Broken have 1 subtracted from their Morale (Note: Morale F units do not have this modifier when they are attempting to recover from being Disrupted or Broken.)
  • Units that are Isolated have 1 subtracted from their Morale.

A unit whose resulting Morale value is 0 or less is said to have No Morale.

Morale Check

When units suffer losses due to Combat Results, they may have to undergo a Morale Check. A random die roll from 1 to 6 is generated and compared with the unit’s current Morale value. If the die roll is less than or equal to the Morale value, then the unit passes the Morale Check. A unit which fails a Morale Check becomes Disrupted, and if already Disrupted and at Maximum Fatigue, becomes Broken.