Fulda Gap '85


NATO and the Warsaw Pact forces had been staring at each other across the Iron Curtain for 40 Years as the Cold War became more and more heated. During the mid '80's, the Cold War reached a boiling point as the ideologies of communism and capitalism were in their most confrontational posture. One spark on the world scene would be all that it would take to ignite these powerful military forces and send then crashing into each other across the only thing that stood between them in Germany, the Fulda Gap!

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  • Total of 27 scenarios ranging from initial conflict through final battles.
  • Includes 7 campaign scenarios as long as 160 turns.
  • One campaign scenario is based on a 126 turn winter war.

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  • Turn-based game engine with 3 hour day turns and 1 mile hexes.
  • Units are at the battalion and company level.
  • Infantry, armor, helicopter, airborne, artillery, and special forces units.
  • Special rules for chemical warfare, artillery-delivered mines, electronic warfare (SIGINT), and thermal imaging sights.
  • Units include American, West German, Canadian, Russian, East German, and Polish forces.
  • Map is over 250 by 150 hexes from the Rhine River in the west to Leipzig in the east.


This release of Fulda Gap '85 is version 1.07 and includes all changes from the original release through update 1.07. Note: this version of Fulda Gap '85 is fully compatible with version 1.07 released by HPS Simulations. Scenarios and battle files for the two versions are compatible for all purposes including PBEM and Internet play.

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  • Scenario Design: Jörg Lissa
  • Additional Research: Greg Smith
  • Playtesters: Jim Cobb, Bart Gauvin, Glenn Saunders, Fred Schwarz, Ed Williams, Thomas Wulfes, Philip Jarrett, Bob Hutchison, John Scarbrough, Mike Ozga, Ed Booth

System Requirements

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, or 10
Processor: 1 GHz
Disk Space: 1 GB
Memory: 1 GB

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