Unit Types

This section describes many of the various unit types that are in the game. Understanding the various unit types, their abilities and their restrictions, is key to successfully mastering Civil War tactics. Further detail on these unit types can be found in the succeeding sections of this manual.


Leaders represent individuals that command the various forces. Leaders are used to improve the effectiveness of the forces under their command and to support other commanders subordinate to them. In general, the presence of commanders improves the Morale of units and thus increases their fighting abilities. Leaders can be Mounted (on horseback) or Dismounted (on foot).

Infantry Units

Infantry units have a strength measured in number of men. They have a Quality value which affects their effectiveness in combat. They have a weapon that allows them to fire at enemy units. They can also attack enemy units in melee attacks.

Cavalry Units

Cavalry units have a strength measured in number of men. They may be Mounted on their horses or Dismounted on foot. They have a weapon which may only be fired while Dismounted. They may Melee either Mounted or Dismounted, but Cavalry charges are not that effective against Infantry.

Artillery Units

Artillery units have a strength measured in number of guns. They can be either Limbered or Unlimbered. When Limbered, they can move but cannot fire. When Unlimbered, they can fire, but not move other than to change their facing.


Gunboats can only move in Water hexes. The can fire against ground units, but they may not melee. It is possible to fire on Gunboats, but generally that is not very effective.

Supply Wagons

Supply Wagons are used to resupply Infantry units that become Low or Out of Supply. For each unit of strength, they can resupply 10 men. They have no ability to attack the enemy but they can be captured by the enemy.