Unit Formations

This section describes the various formations that units may have. Each formation has a purpose and strengths and weaknesses in the game. Further detail on these formations and rules that apply to them can be found in subsequent sections in this manual. In each instance below, the icon and description you see in the Unit Picture when a unit is in the corresponding formation is shown.

Line Formation

Line formation can be used by Infantry units. The unit can fire while in this formation as well as move. This formation is the standard one for Infantry while in combat.

Column Formation

Column formation is used by Infantry units. It has increased mobility over Line formation and allows the unit to take advantage of roads and paths, but the unit cannot fire while in this formation. Column formation is also the only formation that Supply Wagons can have.

Mounted Formation

Mounted formation is the standard formation for Cavalry. The formation has good mobility, but Cavalry cannot fire and it is vulnerable to enemy fire while in this formation.

Dismounted Formation

Dismounted formation allows a cavalry unit to fire its weapons. In this formation, it moves and fights much like Infantry, however its effective strength is reduced by the need to have soldiers hold the horses.

Limbered Formation

Limbered formation is used by Artillery units and represents Artillery ready to be moved. While this is the formation you must use to move Artillery, it cannot fire in this formation.

Unlimbered Formation

Unlimbered formation is used by Artillery units and represents Artillery ready to fire. While in this formation, Artillery units cannot move, but may only change Facing.

Skirmishers Formation

This is a special case of Line formation where an Infantry or Dismounted Cavalry unit has deployed a line of Skirmishers in advance of its main formation. This line of Skirmishers will provide it with additional information and protection during battle, although it will slow the unit down in maneuvers.

Emplaced Formation

This represents artillery units that have been emplaced into fortifications or some other fixed position. Such units cannot move, change their facing, or change formation during the game.