Supply refers to the ammunition that units have available to fire during the battle. A unit may become Low On Ammo or Out Of Ammo during the battle reducing or eliminating their ability to fire their weapons. Supply Wagons are used to maintain supply levels for the forces on the map. Each unit of strength of a Supply Wagon represents enough ammunition to resupply 10 men.

Each time an Infantry unit fires, there is a certain probability that this will result in a reduction in the unit’s ammunition level. The ability for Artillery units to fire is based on the Ammo Level for their side. If the Isolation Effects Optional Rule is being used, then Artillery units can also become Low or Out Of Ammo when Isolated.

The probability chance that a unit will suffer a loss of ammo while firing is determined by Parameter Data.

A unit that is Out Of Ammo cannot fire again until it is resupplied. A unit that is Low On Ammo can only fire Defensive Fire (see the Design Notes for why this is the case). Being Low or Out Of Ammo affects the Morale of the unit.

Units can become resupplied at the beginning of the player’s Movement Phase provided they are not Routed and they can trace a path no longer than 5 hexes long which does not go through enemy units or empty hexes in their Zone-Of-Control to a friendly Supply Wagon. This resupply will reduce the Strength of the Supply Wagon by 1 unit for every 10 men in the Unit. Supply Wagons that are reduced to a Strength of 0 are automatically removed from the map.

Isolated Units

When the Isolation Effects Optional Rule is in effect, then at the beginning of each turn, a test is performed on each unit for the current player to determine if the unit should be flagged as being Isolated. The test attempts to trace a line of hexes from the unit to one of the following hexes:

  • Any hex on the edge of the map.

  • Any Blocked hex.

  • Any hex containing a Supply Source.

This line of hexes must not pass through an enemy Zone-Of-Control that is not occupied by a friendly unit. If no such line can be traced, then the unit is marked as being Isolated. Isolated units defend in Melee at ¼ strength. This represents the tendency of surrounded units to surrender.