This section provides a quick overview to playing the game and the functions of the application.


A Civil War Battle is played by two sides, one Union and one Confederate. On mobile devices, a game is played by the user against the computer AI.


Each battle is played on a map made up of hexagons (hexes). Each hex measures 125 yards across. Each hex contains terrain which affects movement and combat in that hex.


Each battle is conducted in turns each of which typically represents 20 minutes of real time, although this may vary by scenario. Each player has a number of units under their control, some of which are on the map at the beginning of the battle, while others arrive as Reinforcements.


Typically, each unit is a regiment of Infantry, a regiment of Cavalry, or a battery of Artillery. Each Infantry and Cavalry unit has a strength value in increments of single men, while each Artillery unit has a strength value in number of guns. In addition there are specialized units such as Leaders and Supply Wagons. Infantry, Cavalry, and Artillery units are capable of firing on enemy units and each has a range value indicating the number of hexes that unit may fire.


Each turn, a player moves, fires, and melees using units under his control in his turn. There are only a few restrictions on this:

  • After firing, a unit cannot move for the remainder of the turn, but may melee in that turn.

  • After meleeing, a unit cannot move or fire for the remainder of the turn.

The purpose of these restrictions is to help ensure that the resulting battles are fought in a manner similar to historical Civil War battles and with less flexibility that would be found in more modern combat. As each side performs actions in their turn, Opportunity Fire is possible by the opposing side under the control of the computer.

Selecting Units

Most actions require that units first be selected. Tapping on a hex on the map causes that hex to become the current Hot Spot. The units in the current Hot Spot are displayed in the Hex Info area. These units may be selected or unselected by tapping on their pictures in the Hex Info Area.

End Of Game

As each side finishes their turn, the battle is advanced to the next turn. This continues until the time limit specified in the scenario at which point the win, lose, or draw outcome of the battle is determined. Winning and losing are determined by a calculation based on the ownership of certain Objective hexes and the relative losses of the two sides.